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Web Design Requires More Than Technical Skills.

Project planning and implementation is as important as design development, so a good Web designer will always start by analyzing the needs of the client.

With the Internet providing access to an endless supply of design options and IT solutions (the list may seem daunting), we're here to help guide our clients in choosing the right ones... whether it's a "simple" site or something more complex.

Many commercial Web sites serve their owners by offering their customers some kind of online service or functionality, while others are "simple" sites, simply listing the company's contact information and product or service specialty. These "simple" sites can be compared to phone book listings - which every business should have. In today's high-tech society, though, maintaining an Internet contact point and Web presence is even more important than having a local or regional phone book listing. It is the main method of showcasing their business and products to the world.

For a profitable site, regardless of what type of business it's doing, a company's Web design needs to be developed with functionality in mind. An effective site not only organizes and displays the information its visitors are seeking, it also provides a way for them to initiate immediate actions based on the information they find.

The more work a Web site does, the more its owners can profit.